This is your "Hero Section"

Usually this would be a background-image, heading, sub-heading and a call-to action button. Try a special offer. Or let people know a bit about you. Who are you? What you do? How can you help me?

Try a Bit More Information

More details about your services. What areas do you cover? Why are you a better choice?

For me it might be something like:

  • We make budget-friendly websites for local business to help them sell their services online.
  • We are based in Morayfield, QLD and we cover the North Brisbane area.
  • We've been making websites and providing support for our clients since 2002.
  • We always make time to help our existing clients, rather than just focusing on new websites.

Call us now on 0490 387 869

Social Proof Section

Show here that other people are using your business and they are happy with the service.

This could be in the form of some testimonials from your clients.

In our case it could be something like:

  • Web Clinic has been in business since 2002.
  • We've made hundeds of websites and we have some clients who have continuously used our services since we first started.
  • We are always available to assist our existing clients with fast, budget-friendly solutions.

About Us

Background, interests, experience.

About the company or about the people.

Web Clinic is owned by web developer Andrew Trotman.

  • I have a BSc from University of Auckland and a GradDipInfoSci from Massey University in Waikato, NZ.
  • My business was originally programming custom systems for businesses, and this changed to focus on web design and development.
  • I live in Morayfield, QLD and I have a young family.
  • I've been a teetotaller since 2010.
  • I'm interested in helping small, local businesses get the websites they want.

More about us here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call you right now?

Yes of course! Preferably not in the middle of the night. Try now on 0490 387 869. I almost always answer. If not I'm probably in the pool or maybe on another call. In those cases, I'll call you back shortly.

How long does it take to get my new website up and going?

Usually few days unless we are very busy. Call me and I can let you know.

Contact Us

Please contact us now by calling 0490 387 869

Or use the form below and I can email you back if you like.